xbox 360 with media centre software

This Anconia Rocket Post is a bit unstable. Undo not working too well. It would be nice if you could just paste pictures into it, as well. Quite quick tho’, and I still like the drop caps! Annoyingly, it will allow a picture to be put in, but not allow you to upload – where are those upload settings for ftp? Maybe only in the paid-for version.

New software update for Media Center XP has enabled the Xbox 360 to become even linked in, allowing extensive media streaming transfer from PC to Microsoft’s next-gen console. Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 will allow users to stream movies, music, and photos to their Xbox 360 systems when the console launches in November 2005, and new free or pay-per-view streamable content includes the MTV Overdrive on-demand channel, VH1 VSpot, a Comedy Central on-demand channel, and Akimbo Service, which will offer Media Center customers more than 5,000 programs from more than 75 partners, including British Broadcasting Corp., National Geographic Society, Discovery Communications Inc. and the Hallmark Channel. The software update is free to download from Microsoft’s site.

Perhaps we should look at how we could get some Midnight or Sport streams into this sort of a deal. Are we able to stream through the original xbox? or just the new one? There will be a lot of older ones out there that would be cheap streamers for presentations. IP streaming would be good, ie just local servers. Have a look at setting up a streaming server sometime.


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