Viz Trio struggling to keep up.

Trio has become a bit of a nightmare for us. We (Phil and Colin ) are trying to update all the styles and add some new ones, but the Trio performance is taking so much of their time!. Looks like the old boxes won’t keep up with the performance we need. The ops guys are updating to the new nVidia cards, loads of memory, 2Gb if we can, and we need to get those network speeds up a bit if we can. Any performance increase woud be a bonus. Having come from direct Viz control to control via Trio, anything would be a loss in performance, but with new styles, more gloss, operators only just off the training course and older machines, everything has been set against us.

One step at a time. Hopefully, my software has been cobbled together without too many problems. I am looking forward to writing it properly in dotNet. Maybe by Christmas. I shall practice on some of the utilities for Football First and for reading the Opta data. Need to dig out my old xml routines and transfer them to c#. I shall do some tests reading the Champion’s League data feeds. Shall I stay with INI files, or should we be putting everything into the less editable, but more flexible xml. I did start using the app.config file, but it looks as though this would normally be read only in a standard installation, so I shall leave it be. Will probably start by making all the INI file data editable through the program interface. Then I can control how it’s stored.



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