Checking up on our web sites again.

Checking up on our web sites again. Looking at the Alexa stats, easyIndex was almost in the top 1 million sites! Wow. We must have done something right. Unfortunately, the next set of figures take us back to over 4 million’th. We need to get the UK pages setup asap to get the thing flying.

Noticed the high flyer, milliondollarhompage, What an idea, but people are buying it – it’s come down to 40million pages a day! Wow. Is it worth getting on the bandwagon? Could be. Lots of copycat sites now. Maybe we should have one of those – with the film angle.

Back to the stats – we need to up our Alexa ranking to match some of the other sites around. I shall monitor all the sites for a while. I can use the Amazon web services protocol.


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