Banks are so much hard work.

Banks are so much hard work. Abbey make life difficult.

Pixel sites look interesting. Had a chat to Francis to see the project timescales. Perhaps it could help. We shall think about it overnight and see how we feel later in the week. Let’s get the Merchant Id setup tho’. We shall need that on all the sites as we go live with all the projects.

Might expand the 3d stats idea. Chatted to Al. He seemed to think that there might be a chance of funding there, possible with some exchanging of shares etc. The groups website have no web impact at all, really. The music site has some stats, but no links. Perhaps I could offer my expertise to them as well. Lets put a business plan together and see where it leads. Streaming video into the living room, hopefully. let’s get a page up at Happy Tuesdays so that we can bring people in to the idea.

Note to the diary – check all the streaming videos, showreels to make sure that they work in all the browsers….


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