Football mad

Let’s get going for the new Football season at Sky. Viz design is taking a while. Phil and Colin v busy. Doing it via Trio this year, so will be more flexible. With the transition logic involved, it looks a more comlicated scene setup. My side will e hacked together from the successful Football First system in the Sportacabin, and parts from the old OB system. I don’t need a lot of the old system, because the playlist and templating will all be done by Trio. Should make it a bit simpler to update. Football First will need v little updating. We are just updating the scenes. Lots of versions tho’. Premier League, Coca Cola Championship, Football First highlights, Goals on Sunday and Champions League. Keep those tab templates identical…lol Should be interesting tho’…. any time for a holiday

From talking to Neil, with his screensaver. This is the site, I think. Came here today. It looks quite interesting….sort of 3d wallpaper. It’s a fish tank screen saver, with no ads etc, where you put in the fish that you like and adjust the lighting to suit the mood. Have a look… Sim Aquarium


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