Themes for the ipaq

I had a look at converting various images to give a themed look on the ipaq. I wanted to make a good background for the Midnight project. Francis now has an ipaq, so while we are creating videos to play on the ipaq, we would like to create an image to look good at the same time. I started by creating verious images and putting the thing together manually, looked briefly at programming it, then decided to look for something on the web. A few minutes search and twenty (? can’t remember!) dollars later, I found a site called which had some Thememaker software. It works a treat and does most of the menus on the ipaq. Just had to put in the images that I’d made and the tsk file came out. The program doesn’t do the iTask menu backing, but all the others looked good. There are also lots of other themes available for purchase….. Have a look. If anyone would like the Midnight theme, I’ll happily send it off, in return for a donation to the Midnight campaign. Email me at happytuesdays and I’ll point you in the right direction.


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