Another Tab


Had a look at some neat animation software from Italy. It’s called TheTab. Has some nice features for habd drawing cell animation. It allows me to create a cell animation with thick and thin lines, so the pressure onthe pen will affect the thickness. Later you can go back and adjust the thickness if you want. The drawing styles are also logical styles, so that if you change the style of the drawing later, then all the stuff drawn with that brush will be updated. Tried the latest version as well, but needed to send for the Pro version to get things like masking. This should be in the basic version, I think. Quite expensive to go for the Pro.

Licence is strictly for one machine only, as well. You can’t just install anywhere. A bit restrictive really, for software that needs a bigger audience. Interesting tho’.

Compared it with the Microsoft Expression package. I wonder why they’ve hidden that away. It has lots of fine art type drawing features. A bit underestimated really. Would take some time to explore fully. I don’t have much time these days…


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